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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fish Out of Water

I know, I know, I've been quite absent but I've had a lot going on! Life, that is! 

For those who may not already know, my husband is bi-polar, and oh what a roller coaster it can be. Recently, he began losing touch with reality. Delusional completely!  It was scary and sad. Through the last tumultuous few months I have also been handling a medical nightmare and my vision has gotten increasingly worse due to a BRVO (Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion) and found out I had stroke level blood pressure.  Hubby always insisted I didn't need medicine.  

After he became totally paranoid and thought everyone was out to get him (Oh, and I'm a call girl - funny, right?!?!) he went off the deep end. Last Tuesday, he was supposed to leave the house, but first, he made a threat (to kill me if he returned) while our son was on the phone with me in front of him.  I felt compelled to call the police and ask for help, mainly because his mental state had become so unpredictable and sometimes downright scary. Next, he showed up at my work and reiterated the threat. He left after throwing our house key on my desk. 

Shortly following his departure, a nice policeman showed up and asked me what had happened. I proceeded to tell him as he got a "call" from his shoulder speaker thing. And then, as quick as he arrived - he bid his farewell, claiming they needed him on the call.  "The call" was where they had my hubby pulled over right down the road! At that time he was baker-acted and taken to a mental health facility. Relief washed over me...maybe now he would get help, I thought.  

It is now one week later, and tomorrow is our sons 14th birthday, and there is a restraining order...messy, I know! 

He was released late Sunday afternoon and went to stay with a friend - thank GOD for that friend! We have a court date set for the restraining order next week and until then I am anxious that he will just show up any time.  I have changed the locks, but if he wanted in that bad, I am sure he'd find a way.  If he is any kind of rational I don't think he would hurt me.  He was medicated inside the facility he was staying at, but since leaving, his friend has been unable to confirm whether or not he is still taking said medication.

I am sorry this is not a happy scrappy or crafty post but this is my life right now, filled with hard choices I am faced with making - SOON!  I thought I'd share what's been going on because I intend on jumping back into my blog now that I have a little free time, and now that I plan on getting back to doing fun things again!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

In Remembrance!

If you would like to donate through the United Way fund for the victims you can use the following link:
This effort was started by Carrian Cheney of Sweet Basil (blog)
& graphic was created by Nike Peterson of
Nike Peterson Designs (blog).