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Sunday, December 16, 2012

In Remembrance!

If you would like to donate through the United Way fund for the victims you can use the following link:
This effort was started by Carrian Cheney of Sweet Basil (blog)
& graphic was created by Nike Peterson of
Nike Peterson Designs (blog).

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Big Blog Giveaway WINNERS!!!!

At first I had decided to follow in the foot steps of so many other great bloggers and put it out there that, when I reach 100 followers I will do a huge giveaway.  Something nagged me about this idea and so 2 days later I took it down.  It just wasn't settling with me, my excitement had waned.  Then, it hit me like a Mack truck!  My intention wasn't to get a gazillion followers, my intention was to give reason and purpose to some of my obsessive shopping!!! So there it was, I announced and began my BIG Blog Giveaway with way less than 100 followers. 

A cool thing happened though...I noticed that just through my giveaway Hide n' Go Scrap realized about a 30% growth in the number of followers!  Which I think is pretty great.  I am happy to announce that I will be doing a monthly prize giveaway. Some months will be bigger than others but each month will have at least a $30 value.  Some months, depending on my mood and deals I find, may have multiple giveaways again like this first one...boy wasn't that fun!!!   Feel free to post ideas for things you'd like to win.  It can be a single item such as a tool or a prize pack with a variety of one type of thing, such as my adhesive prize pack!

The next giveaway is Father's Day inspired and will include a kit that will allow you to create a mini album about Dad...or Family in general.  It will include the album, a paper pad, bling, embellishments, fibers, many cute things that all coordinate!  I will try to get it all laid out and snap a good pic to show you and then we will start sign ups.

Thank you everyone for following; I am genuinely happy you are here!





Congratulations to all winners!
Prizes will be mailed out tomorrow and I will provide you a delivery confirmation number.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Accordion Mini Albums

I recently made my first Accordion Mini Album for a swap at  Strike that, I recently made my first seven Accordion Mini Albums! LOL  I was in an awesome swap over at and we all got to tell a little about ourselves, likes and dislikes (and such); then, we each created a beautiful mini for each other.

Here are some of my creations:

For this scrapper I combined greens and browns and inked the edges for her.  I like to use multiple patterns on each album. Although, now I try not to mix more than 2 patterns because the first album I attempted turned out hideous...I think it was just too busy with patterns! For the closure, I used 2 complimentary ribbons instead of a single wider ribbon, as seen below.

For this scrapper I created a Faith-based theme. The colors are burgundy and brown with gold accents. I included a couple tags and a hidden journal spot.

This scrappers favorite colors are pink and silver! This album was a lot of fun. I created 2 mini tags on the inside and adhered a little vellum envelope to the cover.  I also used more bling on this one, who doesn't love bling? 

Overall I had a lot of fun creating an album for each individual scrapper.  There was a small margin of learning but I enjoyed that too! I always like learning new techniques and gift ideas.  This can be a great card to accompany a gift or fill it with photos and have it be the gift! 

I combined 2 methods from links I was given in order to create my version of the Accordion album.  The video I used was on :

It was created by Elsa from her blog at Just a Few Designs.  She's got a wonderful blog and her videos are easy to follow!

Then, I found the idea of using a cover and back made from chipboard on

Hope you have fun trying this at home!

Friday, April 20, 2012

$100 Giveaway!!!!

Imagine you started a new blog but you wanted to take all your followers with you...seems daunting I know! Kristin Wilson has a great idea though....giveaway $100!!! That's what she's doing to promote her new blog and try to get people make the move with her.  She's already transferred all her content to the new site now it's just a matter of transferring all her followers! 

You can get in on the fun here.  Just make sure you join her new blog, here, and do a link back in a post on your own blog!

Good luck!

Until next time, hope you get to...

Hidn' GScrap!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tampa Bay Scrapbooking Treasure Hunt 2012

This year, I was finally able to participate in The Tampa Bay Scrapbooking Treasure Hunt. All of my sane somewhat normal friends would never agree to accompany me in the past.  But this year, a new friend I'd met on (that lived somewhat local) asked me if I was doing the Hunt...YES an accomplice a partner! I was so excited!!
Nine stores participate and you have 11 days to complete the Treasure Hunt.  When you spend $5 at a store, they stamp your passport.  If you get your passport stamped by each store then you can enter a drawing to win a $100 gift certificate to each store, that's $900 in scrapcash to spend!!! Second place was $50 to each store and third place was $25 to each store.

A week before the Treasure Hunt, I found a trip planner online that would provide the quickest route between 10 stops for free. (This is important for later in the story.) Our plan was, I would drive to her house (over an hour away) and we'd start in her town first.  Then, we'd follow the route the computer decided for us and cram in visit all 9 stores in one day!

I should have known how my day was going to go when I was trying to locate her house. My directions were not reliable and had me turning on the same road 3 times in 3 different directions! Somehow I managed to find her house! I was a little nervous but feeling adventurous.  Soon after I arrived, her mom stopped by and exclaimed, "Hi, I just wanted to see how the Hatfields and the McCoys are getting along!" It's true, I forgot to mention, I am a Hatfield and she is a McCoy...hilarious, I know!

We arrived 40 minutes late to our first stop. I kept telling myself it'll be ok!  I noticed early in the day that she was a pretty safe driver: interpretation - she drives slow the speed limit. (Again, important for later in the story.)  We didn't pay too much attention to time but did end up making an extra stop at a bead store along the way.  At some point we both started to question if we'd make all nine stores in one day, but we still felt confident that we could do it.  The final 3 stops were Lakeland, Ruskin and St. Pete.  After Ruskin we only had 45 minutes to make it to our last stop.  Another Treasure Hunter said it would be close but if we weren't far she thought the store owner would stay open for us; she told us that the same store owner had stayed open 10 minutes for her the previous year.

The beautiful sky as we drove 90 down I75.

Everything got crazy after we left Ruskin, we should have went south on the interstate as per our trusty computer generated directions (remember I mentioned them earlier) and yet she went north.  When I pointed out that we'd gone the wrong way she felt sure that we could just as easily make it going north.  When I assured her that would take more time she mentioned turning around...but we kept going north, across the bridge and then had to head south again. As we were driving north, we finally broke out the GPS and I quickly informed her that we had to make up at least 9 minutes.  This is where the Hatfields and the McCoys meet the Dukes of Hazzard because I had to politely ask her to SPEED like her life depended on it! It took a lot of convincing to finally get her to just maintain with the car in front of us...all the time telling me she was going too fast and all the time me applauding her efforts and cheering her on!  I had her make the first call to the store owner to which she was told basically no and I hope you make it here in time.  We waited about 10 more minutes and I tried to call back.  I pleaded that I lived so far away and I was trying to complete the Hunt in this one day and she was my last stop...can you just stay open 7 more minutes??? (Really it was more like 12 but I wanted to make it sound better!)  To which she replied, no - she couldn't stay that long but we were welcome to try anyway! Grrr

After my failed attempt to persuade the owner to stay open I did the only thing I could think of, I demanded urged McCoy to go even faster!  Once we finally reached our exit, only a few blocks stood between us and success; I dialed the phone and threw a Hail Mary....when a different person answered I knew there was hope.  I begged, exclaiming that we were so close and could they please, PLEASE just wait on us.  To my surprise, this employee was AWESOME! She said, "Of course, just come on!"  Yahoo! Victory was within reach...although parking in front of the store rallied a cleaver interception, we still managed to be victorious.  I was shocked at where she ended up having to park, since she dropped me at the door.  We had a little hike to make it back to the car, but at least my adrenaline was still pumping and we had accomplished the Treasure Hunt in one day! Yay!

My amazing scrappy booty!

Freebies we got throughout the day!
Each store gave us a cute tag to attach to our bead necklace!

After the Treasure Hunt I decided to enter the "Cover Contest."  Design a cover for the 6x6 album that was included in our goody bags at the beginning and all the store owners would select a winner.  I painstakingly agonized over my design, which I always do.  After I submitted my entry I found out their email was down so I had to re-submit and wait an extra week! The wait is what was killing me; then, I finally saw the email in my inbox, titled, "Easter Sale, Treasure Hunt Winners, and more!" My heart sank, this was it! I couldn't open and scroll fast enough....drum roll, nope, I lost! Boo I was so bummed, I don't normally have as much confidence in my creations as the people around me do but darn it I really thought I had a good chance this time! As if to rub salt in the wound they even announced that it was so close they had to pick 2 winners...and still... mine wasn't one of them! Oh well, I did have a ton of fun on the Hunt and wouldn't trade it for anything. I spent way too much but got an awesome haul and lots of freebies too!

My Cover Contest Entry!

Until next time, hope you get to...
Hidn' GScrap!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hamburger Cake: Dev's Birthday 2012

Today (April 3rd), I officially become the parent of a teenage boy!  It's been an awesome 13 years with a fair share of twists and turns, but I would never trade it for anything in the world. My son, Deven, was born 3 months premature.  Doctors and nurses weren't even sure if he'd make it, he was born not breathing, but was a tiny, 1lb 7oz, fighter!! He made it out of the hospital 2 weeks before they predicted, his size caught up by 6 months and his development caught up by 9 months.  He was reading at a 9th grade level in 1st grade.  Currently, he's in the gifted program in our school district and yet I can't even get him to DO his homework most of the time! LOL  My favorite thing about him is that he walks to the beat of his own drum and has a style all his own! 

Ok Ok - now on to the cake! 

A couple nights ago we scoured Pinterest looking for cute cupcakes. Obviously I wanted to do rainbow cupcakes but he said 'everyone at school does that!' So we came across the cutest hamburger cupcakes on Pinterest.  After getting all the ingredients at the store we come home to make cupcakes and I couldn't find my cupcake pans.  (I still think my sister has them but she swears she doesn't!) So after Deven went to bed thinking I'd stop and get store-bought cupcakes for tomorrow I made him a totally cool hamburger cake, with fries!!! 

At his school, there is a "birthday booth."  On your child's birthday he can invite 8 friends to sit with him at a special booth in the cafeteria.  Parents can bring stuff so the kids get a reprieve from cafeteria food and get to enjoy a little treat.  So tomorrow I will bring pizza (choice of cheese and pepperoni of course!), Capri Suns, full size Hershey bars for his friends and this totally cool hamburger cake!  I am so happy with how it turned out; I seriously cannot believe I am the one that made it.  It's totally something my bestie would make and I'd drool over, who knew I would be able to create this....

I used:
I box yellow cake mix
1 box brownie mix
1 squeeze pouch of Oreo frosting
1 yellow, 1 red, & 1 green squeeze pouch of frosting
Sesame seeds
1 box snickerdoodle cookie mix
1 sheet red gingham paper
Simple syrup (I made using equal parts sugar and water)
Pam Baking Spray
3 - 8" foil cake pans
Basting brush

I preheated my oven to 350 degrees and sprayed the foil pans generously with Pam Baking Spray (I'd never used it before but it worked really well!).  Next, I followed the directions for the cake mix and poured it into 2 of the foil pans. Then, I followed the directions for the brownie mix and poured a thin layer into the foil pan and used a small pan we had to contain the remainder of the brownie mix.  After baking, according to the box directions, I allowed them to cool completely...this took a little while.  

While they were cooling I made the "fries."  I mixed the cookie dough according to the package and formed them into long skinny cookies.  Next time I will make them a wee bit smaller because I didn't realize they'd plump like they did!  After the cakes and brownie are completely cool I set the gingham paper on the cake platter and inverted one of the cakes so the bottom was up. I squeezed half of the Oreo frosting in the center of the cake and place the brownie upside down on the lower cake. At this point I was amazed at how much the brownie looked like a hamburger patty! I squeezed the remaining Oreo frosting onto the center of the brownie until it reached about 2" from the edge. I smoothed the frosting so it would be even since it squeezes out a little thick.

Then I chose a spot on the edge to begin and, using the yellow squeeze pouch, I made a triangular shape pointing down off the brownie; this was my cheese.  I repeated that 2 more times and tried to space them evenly around the brownie. Next, I used the red pouch and created the tomatoes by making a half circle hanging off the side of the brownie. Finally, I used the green to form the lettuce.  Ultimately, I wanted the condiments to be distinguishable! After my condiments were in place I set the last cake on top and then squealed about how cute it was...I was happy at this point, or delirious because it was almost 1 a.m.. lol  I brushed the simple syrup on the top of the "bun" and then carefully sprinkled the sesame seeds.  To complete the cake I set the cookie/fries next to it and VOILA - a darn cute hamburger cake! (If I do say so myself!!!)

Now, it's super late/early and I just hope Deven LOVES his cake! Makes me sorta happy we couldn't do the cupcakes this time; although, I bet they'd have been super cute too!

Until next time, hope you get to...
Hidn' GScrap!

* UPDATE: The cake was a HUGE hit at his school today; all his friends LOVED it. Even kids walking by said something or stared. The burger and fries were devoured, and tasted good too (yes!) score for mom!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Magnus Bane's Scrapbook: My Son's School Project

Imagine my delight when my son brought home this assignment: Scrapbooking with Your Favorite Character!  I was so excited I couldn't wait to get started.

Now of course getting started didn't happen right away, we are a family of true procrastinators and while I love the project it doesn't necessarily speed things along!  While all the other kids were starting on them in class my son did what he always did, looked busy and accomplished nothing! Now there were lots of stuff he could have been doing to help us pull it all together quicker but then again we are procrastinators; he gets it honestly.  Good thing we also work wonderfully under pressure.  Sometimes I think I work better under pressure because I don't make decisions easily and when you don't have a lot of time you have to decide quicker.

The weekend before this was due I went to JoAnn's Superstore and purchased some awesome paper and embellishments, consulting with my son of course.  The purpose of the project was to demonstrate that you know your character.  We had long ago decided on Katniss, from the Hunger Games, since we'd both read that one and liked it but my son changed his mind the week before the due date.  At least he picked a character from another book we had both read, Magnus Bane from City of Bones (the Immortal Instruments series).  

Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn; he is bi-sexual and loves things flashy, glitzy, sparkley and multi-colored.  Immediately glittery paper and lots of gems were at the top of my shopping list.  

I actually made the album so we could make it any size we wanted. I used chipboard and covered it with black glitter stock.  I was torn between this and making a book that appeared really, really old since he is over 800 years old (yes that's hundred, I did not add in an extra zero-lol) but in the end we decided since Magnus loves the glitz and sparkle - glitter paper wins!

I love to use multi-colored fibers to add a fun accent.  There are also charms tied in sporadically. 

We found the portrait of Magnus on Google (of course).  It is a drawing by someone we don't know but they did sign it and we thought it was a great, and accurate, interpretation of Magnus Bane!
For photos inside we found who may be cast to play him in the upcoming movie.  So all photos are of Magnus inside the scrapbook are actually Tyler Blackburn.

First required element was "Character's Favorite Poet or Poem"

Deven looked online and found Spirits of the Dead by Edgar Allen Poe.  I must say it was pretty fitting!!!

Next, "Character's Favorite Song"...of course we chose Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment.  Magnus LOVES to throw parties!!!

Then we had to show the "Character's Favorite Book."  This book isn't real but it's from the series, it's a book of magic that Magnus wants very badly, The Book of White.
Next we had to include at least 2 postcards from places your character visited in the book or would like to visit.  Deven chose the first one above, Warsaw, Poland; Here Magnus was helping the Jews that were being persecuted! We decorated with the national flower, the red poppy.

His other 2 postcards are Vegas from the '30's and the San Fransisco Party Bus 2012.  Deven wrote for the Vegas postcard that it was a representation of the statement, "I was there before it was cool." The party bus because, once again, he loves to party!!!

Finally, you could include an extra page or two that further demonstrated your knowledge of the character.  Above, we included Chairman Meow, Magnus's beloved cat.

Next, we did a birthday layout from when Magnus turned 680 years old! (I couldn't help it, I found that picture and thought it was perfect!)

Our last page was a page showing his boyfriend, Shadowhunter Alec Lightwood.  Here again we found a picture of someone who may be playing him in the movie!

Overall we were very happy with the finished product. Finally something I could help him with (not math - Yay!).  His class applauded the fact that he had a project turned in not just on-time but a day early and then cheered for his teacher to let him present it first.  After he was finished they gave him a standing ovation! I was very proud of him and hope the good feeling he had for accomplishing a great project will encourage him to complete more of his work, on time!

Until next time, hope you get to...
Hidn' GScrap!