This is my crafty, creative, crazy life! Sometimes I just like to Hide n' Go Scrap!

Friday, March 18, 2011

I finally found my home!

After 3 blogs and never feeling excited about one of them ("Running Out Of Ideas," "Poop Floats," and "One Crazee Chick"...I was excited with the thought but never too excited after initiation...I have found my new home, the blog I will love and write to often. Shall we say I've found my new Bl'ome?

The name is dear to me because I often say I am going to "hide" in my Scraproom, so why not, Hide n' Go Scrap? I thought it was VERY fitting and it was the first time I LOVED a name AND it was actually available, which is amazing in and of itself.

Although I love to scrap and I will often "Hide n' Go Scrap" I will also be using this blog about my life in general, not strictly scrapping. But as you will soon see that when I am consumed by something it usually consumes my life!

I also plan to post challenges and inspirational sites and ideas. Let's have fun together.

Until next time...Hide n' Go Scrap!