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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Magnus Bane's Scrapbook: My Son's School Project

Imagine my delight when my son brought home this assignment: Scrapbooking with Your Favorite Character!  I was so excited I couldn't wait to get started.

Now of course getting started didn't happen right away, we are a family of true procrastinators and while I love the project it doesn't necessarily speed things along!  While all the other kids were starting on them in class my son did what he always did, looked busy and accomplished nothing! Now there were lots of stuff he could have been doing to help us pull it all together quicker but then again we are procrastinators; he gets it honestly.  Good thing we also work wonderfully under pressure.  Sometimes I think I work better under pressure because I don't make decisions easily and when you don't have a lot of time you have to decide quicker.

The weekend before this was due I went to JoAnn's Superstore and purchased some awesome paper and embellishments, consulting with my son of course.  The purpose of the project was to demonstrate that you know your character.  We had long ago decided on Katniss, from the Hunger Games, since we'd both read that one and liked it but my son changed his mind the week before the due date.  At least he picked a character from another book we had both read, Magnus Bane from City of Bones (the Immortal Instruments series).  

Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn; he is bi-sexual and loves things flashy, glitzy, sparkley and multi-colored.  Immediately glittery paper and lots of gems were at the top of my shopping list.  

I actually made the album so we could make it any size we wanted. I used chipboard and covered it with black glitter stock.  I was torn between this and making a book that appeared really, really old since he is over 800 years old (yes that's hundred, I did not add in an extra zero-lol) but in the end we decided since Magnus loves the glitz and sparkle - glitter paper wins!

I love to use multi-colored fibers to add a fun accent.  There are also charms tied in sporadically. 

We found the portrait of Magnus on Google (of course).  It is a drawing by someone we don't know but they did sign it and we thought it was a great, and accurate, interpretation of Magnus Bane!
For photos inside we found who may be cast to play him in the upcoming movie.  So all photos are of Magnus inside the scrapbook are actually Tyler Blackburn.

First required element was "Character's Favorite Poet or Poem"

Deven looked online and found Spirits of the Dead by Edgar Allen Poe.  I must say it was pretty fitting!!!

Next, "Character's Favorite Song"...of course we chose Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment.  Magnus LOVES to throw parties!!!

Then we had to show the "Character's Favorite Book."  This book isn't real but it's from the series, it's a book of magic that Magnus wants very badly, The Book of White.
Next we had to include at least 2 postcards from places your character visited in the book or would like to visit.  Deven chose the first one above, Warsaw, Poland; Here Magnus was helping the Jews that were being persecuted! We decorated with the national flower, the red poppy.

His other 2 postcards are Vegas from the '30's and the San Fransisco Party Bus 2012.  Deven wrote for the Vegas postcard that it was a representation of the statement, "I was there before it was cool." The party bus because, once again, he loves to party!!!

Finally, you could include an extra page or two that further demonstrated your knowledge of the character.  Above, we included Chairman Meow, Magnus's beloved cat.

Next, we did a birthday layout from when Magnus turned 680 years old! (I couldn't help it, I found that picture and thought it was perfect!)

Our last page was a page showing his boyfriend, Shadowhunter Alec Lightwood.  Here again we found a picture of someone who may be playing him in the movie!

Overall we were very happy with the finished product. Finally something I could help him with (not math - Yay!).  His class applauded the fact that he had a project turned in not just on-time but a day early and then cheered for his teacher to let him present it first.  After he was finished they gave him a standing ovation! I was very proud of him and hope the good feeling he had for accomplishing a great project will encourage him to complete more of his work, on time!

Until next time, hope you get to...
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