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Friday, April 22, 2011


Not too long ago I was selected as Hostess for a Philadelphia Cooking Creme House Party.  I was all excited scouring the web for recipes to use the cooking cremes in when I stumbled across another Hostess' menu.  I was impressed, she even included dessert!  Curiously I scrolled down wondering 'what dessert could you possibly make with Philadelphia cooking creme?'  As I reached the end of the menu I saw "Oreo Truffles"...I was instantly intrigued. She didn't list a recipe though, so I took to Google (of course) to find out just what was involved with making an Oreo Truffle.  Once at All Recipes I had to smile, any recipe with the word easy in the title had to be perfect for ME!  As I read through the list of ingredients I found Philadelphia cream cheese.  It was an "Ah-ha" moment indeed - these truffles are not made with cooking creme! Of course I saw the correlation, made by the same company, darn close, BUT I just couldn't do it, the purpose of the party was to spotlight the NEW cooking cremes!!! I know, some people can't stand it but I am usually such a stickler for rules! I still bought the stuff to make them and the next weekend, at Deven's birthday party, I was ready to try the scrumptious-sounding, hassle-free truffle recipe! 

As the boys were engrossed in the xBox 360, I was in the kitchen crushing Oreo's, combining the Oreo dust with room temperature cream cheese, rolling it into balls and dipping them in chocolate!  After allowing them to "chill out" for 2 hours (the Oreo Truffles, not the boys!) I bravely made my way into the lair...I mean Dev's bedroom and presented the delectable treats to the video game zombies...I mean the boys!

No one could hardly believe how tasty they were, everyone wanted more and they sure didn't last long!

I must admit, I took some creative liberties with the recipe; I used sprinkles instead of crumbs (Hey, it was for a birthday party!) and I cheated, using the microwavable dipping chocolate! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Balanced Swapping?

Lately I have been working on swap items...I know I know I need to get back to scrapping but I really like to create for swaps.  After receiving back several of the swaps I signed up for I think I can more easily decline new sign ups in the future.  I think I got my "fix" and now I can take the new techniques and tricks I've learned and get back to scrapping some of life for my own books. 

I have met a great group of ladies over at and will still continue to swap, I just want to try and find a happy balance between swapping and scrapping.  I thoroughly enjoy the Scrapper of the Month, and the Secret Scrapper type Swaps.  The monthly envelope swaps are fun too - basically I like sending happy mail to others! 

Now that internet is back on at my house I will be posting here more regularly.  I am hoping to find daily/weekly activities to participate in and may do a few on my own.  I always liked Meatless Monday, and my friend started Food Fight Friday, so I can't wait to get going on those!

The picture above is a greeting card I made for a swap.  I really liked the color combination and look forward to seeing what everyone else created.  I am signing off for now but until next time...

Hide n' Go Scrap!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Artist Trading Cards

The picture above is an ATC (Artist Trading Card) I created for a swap on  I just started recently creating ATCs and quickly fell in love!!! It's like making one-of-a-kind works of art in all sorts of themes.  The first ones I started out making I had to do 15 of the same ones, which I like for the most part but when I moved on to a different swap and everyone picked their own theme I truly found my niche.  I get so many ideas though that sometimes it's hard to narrow it down to just one to work with. But then again I have made one especially that I am not happy with no matter what I go back and change and I have finally reserved myself to the fact that I will be re-doing it this weekend.

I haven't received any ATCs yet...though I am eager to see how people interpret my themes...volleyball, tye dye, and penguins.  Those three things pretty much sum me up! I had to do so many different ones like vintage advertisements, butterflies (2), cute mice, "Life is a Puzzle," dolphins, cats, and many, many more.  Some are shown below, I will post others when I get them uploaded.  The swap that I made 15 of the same theme was titled "Childhood Favorites."  I went with a game theme,a dn loved my cards for that swap! I can't wait to see everyone elses! I will need to snap a picture of that one - I was really happy with how they turned out.

I will share more soon, thanks for looking and until next time...

Hide n' Go Scrap!