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Friday, April 22, 2011


Not too long ago I was selected as Hostess for a Philadelphia Cooking Creme House Party.  I was all excited scouring the web for recipes to use the cooking cremes in when I stumbled across another Hostess' menu.  I was impressed, she even included dessert!  Curiously I scrolled down wondering 'what dessert could you possibly make with Philadelphia cooking creme?'  As I reached the end of the menu I saw "Oreo Truffles"...I was instantly intrigued. She didn't list a recipe though, so I took to Google (of course) to find out just what was involved with making an Oreo Truffle.  Once at All Recipes I had to smile, any recipe with the word easy in the title had to be perfect for ME!  As I read through the list of ingredients I found Philadelphia cream cheese.  It was an "Ah-ha" moment indeed - these truffles are not made with cooking creme! Of course I saw the correlation, made by the same company, darn close, BUT I just couldn't do it, the purpose of the party was to spotlight the NEW cooking cremes!!! I know, some people can't stand it but I am usually such a stickler for rules! I still bought the stuff to make them and the next weekend, at Deven's birthday party, I was ready to try the scrumptious-sounding, hassle-free truffle recipe! 

As the boys were engrossed in the xBox 360, I was in the kitchen crushing Oreo's, combining the Oreo dust with room temperature cream cheese, rolling it into balls and dipping them in chocolate!  After allowing them to "chill out" for 2 hours (the Oreo Truffles, not the boys!) I bravely made my way into the lair...I mean Dev's bedroom and presented the delectable treats to the video game zombies...I mean the boys!

No one could hardly believe how tasty they were, everyone wanted more and they sure didn't last long!

I must admit, I took some creative liberties with the recipe; I used sprinkles instead of crumbs (Hey, it was for a birthday party!) and I cheated, using the microwavable dipping chocolate! 


  1. They were awesome! I can't believe there's only three ingredients!!!

  2. A friend made these once and seriously they're like a little bit of heaven rolled into one little ball. They're so delicious!

    Thanks for joining our Friday Food Fight and for stopping by Run DMT! You rock, mama! :-)