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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday's Scrappy Re-Cap

I am already not posting as often as I'd like.  Life gets a bit too busy, not even busy really but I always feel a sort of hectic sense about my days and they just fly by anymore.  This week I've been working on swap items and having a blast!

I created the picture above as a sort of re-cap of some of the stuff I've had going on this week!  I created some vintage paper flowers for a toilet paper roll mini album (also pictured).  I created the pretty pink and purple paper flower and the charms for a Learning Swap I am in over at  Actually all my swaps are for I should venture out to find new swapping arenas? Sounds like fun. 

The green button I found in a package of 100 buttons that I got in a kit.  I was shocked, it is an actual Hollister button...made me laugh that's for sure.  Also made me appreciate buttons a wee more.  They'd be fun to collect! The "DRINK ME" bottle will adorn the front of my Domino Mini Album, pictured in-progress, when it is complete. 

I chose to include the nature paper picture because I am in a Scavenger Hunt Swap and I had to locate a scrap item that began with an "N."  It doesn't seem like a difficult task but sure enough once I started I even had my husband scouring my scraproom with me to locate the covetted item that begins with an "N" and lo & behold we realized the poor letter N is sadly being left out of the scrap world.  I surely could have selected "N"ine die cuts (for example) but I really wanted items, not their adjectives, to begin with the letter.  Luckily, I was hanging onto this nature paper from a previous swap!

Finally, I threw in the picture of the Las Vegas die cut I had procured on my adventure to Scraporium last week.  That will likely remain in the weekly re-cap pic for a couple see, because my very first trip to Las Vegas is fastly approaching and I am starting to get excited!!! I leave on the 15th and return on the will be a really-totally-cool, actual-for-real, almost-week-long, VACATION!!!!  I plan to visit Freemont Street, ride NY NY's roller coaster, see and meet Rita Rudner, tour the Neon Boneyard Museum, partake in a CRAZEE Casino Crawl, go to Minus 5 using the VIP package, lay out and float along the lazy river, get tattooed, and come home totally psyched!!!! Not necessarily in that order but maaan it's gonna be fun, fun, fun!!!

Ok that's just a snippet of my past week! Until next time...

Hide n' Go Scrap!

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