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Friday, August 5, 2011

Crazy for Cake...Pops???

Welcome to Food Fight Friday! I'm baaack!

I bet you've already had someone give you a cakepop? Or tell you about someone they know who bakes, and they're intention of selling cakepops! Or maybe you saw them at the coffee shop? Chances are you have had a run-in with a cakepop by now.  Yes folks, it seems to me that we are smack dab in the middle of a full throttle CAKEPOP CRAZE!!!! 

My introduction to the cakepop came at Starbucks.  After a movie we headed over to Starbucks to hang out.  There in the case, looking so cute and delicious, were the *new* cakepops! Of course we HAD to try them!

Cakepops next crossed my path as I was checking emails one day. Every now and then a recipe will catch my eye and this one was for none-other-than CAKEPOPS!! I saved the link and reflected on how much work I thought they'd be to make(I'm a wimp when it comes to baking), but I knew Kim could make them with ease!

Next, Sheryl returned to work from the Hair Salon and brought us back a...(say it with me now)...CAKEPOP!!!! She proceeded to tell me how the daughter of the lady that does her hair is starting her own cake business, she's real good at decorating cakes so now she's going to make and sell cakepops!!  I was intrigued at this "homemade" version of the one I tried in Starbucks, which by the way I wasn't all that impressed by (sorry!).  She immediately placed them in the refrigerator and said they were "melting."  After lunch I retrieved my chocolate cakepop from the refrigerator and admired the delicate looking blue decorations. I was excited to try it, then it began to sag off the did seem to be melting.  I think it was missing the dipped-in-chocolate-to-hold-it-together coating that I see on most of the ones I find on the internet.

My final run-in was when my friend told me she was bringing dessert to Dinner Club and it wasn't appropriately themed.  She said this girl at work had been perfecting her recipes and bringing cakepops into work A LOT.  You know where I'm going with this I am sure, she's making cakepops for her to bring to Dinner Club!!! And even though I have never thoroughly LOVE a cakepop yet, I am still excited, once again, to try these beautiful little treats!

Final Opinion on cakepops:  I LOVE the concept, and some of the professionally decorated ones I've seen online are amazing! However, there is something about the thought of making a perfectly good cake only to demolish it down to crumbs and mix with stuff (can be cream cheese) to form it into balls that doesn't appeal to me. If I'm going to that trouble, trust me, I'm making Oreo Truffles (see previous Food Fight Friday post), because they ROCK! 

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  1. I much prefer an Oreo Truffle! The company was fab though! I had fun! xx