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Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm Hiding and Scrapping...errr Swapping!

I have had a strange week for sure, sorta crappy is a better way to describe it actually. So this morning when I couldn't sleep (I know, it's Saturday for goodness sakes, I really should have been able to sleep in, but) I got up and went to hide in my scraproom! I haven't actually SCRAPPED in quite some time though. Lately, I have been working on swap items for the various swaps I am in over at

This week I have been working on the Letter of the Word Swap. You sign up for different words. Let's use "Birthday" as an example; each person picks a letter and then makes it and decorates it, there are size restrictions and colors given to use as a guideline so they will all coordinate. Then you send them to the Host and get back the entire word, with each letter being made by a different swapper.  I was so intrigued by this idea and love it so much! I signed up for 6 words; Birthday, Too Tough, Yee Haw, Diva, School, and Son.  I haven't finished them all yet but I wanted to share what I have done so far with you!!!

Above you can see the "a" for Diva; I had to bling out a little.  The "r" for Birthday made on a cupcake and then I used red stickles to jazz it up a bit. The "c" for School, I did a lot of layering and used a pop dot to raise the matted "c."  Then my favorite in this picture is the "o" for Son, I used the Stand & Salute Cricut cartridge and cut out a dog tag in silver, and one in dark blue, then I attached just the tag part of the dark blue one using a jump ring so it actually dangles! I love it!

This is the "h" for Too Tough; colors were purple, lime green and white, she said think Buzz Lightyear so I had the crazy idea to place a cut piece of page protector over top. In my mind it simulates his helmet! I was so happy with myself...hehe.  I just hope my fellow swappers like it too.

After such a crummy week it sure is nice to get to come into my scraproom, hide out, and create something fun! My last letter due is the "H" in Yee Haw, using red, brown, yellow and blue, she said think Woody! I have a few ideas but nothing put together yet. I will post them when I finish. So check back soon, in the meantime be sure to...
Hide n' Go Scrap!


  1. i think you did awesome work on these,
    the group should really like them,tfs

  2. Thank you! I just got 6 more letters today! I am excited to get started on them - i will post those too when I get them finished.
    Thank you for the comment!

  3. Love em! I need to come scrap with you so I can use your cricut! ;0)